Let’s face it San Diego is a stranger to weather. We become spoiled with constant sunshine in our county, and because we don’t often see rain, we tend to underestimate the damage it causes to our homes and local businesses. Understanding the signs and types of water damage caused by heavy rainfall is your first line of defense.

Common Culprits of Water Damage from Rain

  1. Roof Leaks
  2. Window Leaks
  3. Ground Water Flooding

Signs of Water Damage

  • Smell of Mildew
  • Visible paint discoloration or peeling
  • Soft or sagging walls or ceiling
  • Sounds of running water

San Diego Rain, Water Damage & Your Insurance

Heavy rainfall means restoration companies, roofers, and contractors are inundated with phone calls. What does that mean for your insurance claim process? Depending on how rainwater entered your home, your insurance policy may not cover the water damage caused by the heavy rain. Our very own Michael Fahouris spoke to NBC News regarding the issue homeowners face when they turn to insurance after water damage occurs in their homes.

Insurance: What’s Covered?

The best way to know what is covered by YOUR insurance is to review your home’s insurance policy or speak with your insurance agent about coverage. Most San Diego homeowners do not have additional flood coverage because they assume flooding is covered under their normal policy and do not know they need additional insurance to cover flooding related issues. So what does the typical homeowner’s insurance policy cover? As long as negligence is not a factor and you have mitigated the damage as best you could insurance typically covers:

  • Pipe leaks/burst from normal wear and tear
  • Appliance malfunction
  • Roof leaks

Insurance does NOT typically cover groundwater that has come into your home. As soon as the rain hits the ground, you as the homeowner become responsible for making sure there is proper drainage away from your home in order to protect the property from any water intrusion. Make sure you are prepared for the heavy rain and take preventative measures to protect your home.