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Restoration Services

Certified Restoration has 25+ years of experience in fixing all types of water damage restoration issues.

Water Damage

Our experienced restoration specialists employ the latest and greatest procedures to restore your home after water damage has occurred.

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Our proven process of mold removal and remediation provides a non-toxic, time efficient and cost effective solution to mold problems in your home.

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Sewage Cleanup
& Removal

We remove and properly dispose of the sewage, contaminants & water, and thoroughly decontaminate and clean the affected areas.

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We're proud to be one of the highest rated water damage restoration companies in San Diego.
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Steve H thumbnail
Steve H.

Very friendly and understand to are time sensitive everyday when they were done for the day they made sure no tools are trash was lying around when job was done they went over it and made sure we were happy and belive me my wife is picky and she was very happy

Tomora S thumbnail
Tomora S.
five (5) red stars for excellent water damage restoration service

I totally appreciate these guys. My washing machine overflowed and flooded my laundry room. I called and talked to Tad and he was able to come in less than 30mins. I was able to get more water up myself than I thought but I still wanted to access any damages. Tad was honest about what I needed and didnt try to gouge my pockets. Thank you for coming so quickly and making what seems like the start of a horrible day not so bad after all.

Kristin Ha tumbnail
Kristinha A.
five (5) red stars for excellent water damage restoration service

This was my second time doing business with Certified Restoration. These guys are the best. They come quickly, honor set appointments, and do a great job. Extremely professional, clean and respectful. And a fair price! I hope I don't have another flood, but I feel good knowing Certified has my back if I do! :)

Water Damage Restoration

Why choose us?

  • 25 plus years experience
  • State of the art tools & technology
  • Work directly with insurance companies
  • Mold testing
  • Experts in drying hardwood floors
For over 25 years we have served San Diego with flood and water damage cleanup and restoration. We are always on standby and ready when emergencies happen to ensure you are taken care of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Leaving no stone unturned, we will head directly to your property, thoroughly assess the extent of water damage and get to work right away. After the job is complete, we will test for mold to guarantee that you are well protected against future issues.

As every situation is different, it is important to look for signs that point to water damage including stains on the walls and ceilings, peeling paint, soft or swollen drywall, warped walls and a musty odor. Sometimes water damage is difficult to find so we use state of the art technology to identify wet areas and to determine the source of the leak. Our infrared cameras and moisture meters are used for those hard to see areas where mold often thrives. Once we assess the cause of the damage, we will follow proper steps and use top-of-the-line industry technology and tools to ensure your property is back to normal in no time.

Your health and safety are our number one priority, which is why we may suggest removing and disposing of some materials. While certain items may need to be replaced such as drywall and insulation, we will give you options of the most cost efficient way to go about repairing these areas. A few of the important pieces of restoration equipment we work with include dehumidifiers, air blowers and high quality heat lamps to remove excess moisture from the air, objects and surfaces in your home. We utilize tools such as wood floor air mats and wet vacuums to remove water from hard to dry areas such as hardwood floors and wet carpet. Lastly, we will use preventative methods to ensure mold does not appear after the restoration process is complete and pose a risk to your health and safety.

Our team is well aware that dealing with water damage can be stressful so we are committed to providing our clients with clear communication throughout the process. As dealing with insurance companies can be extremely time consuming and stressful, we will work with them directly for you. We are here to answer questions and keep you prepared as we believe that it is vital that your water damage restoration company serves as a resource to help you prepare for these devastating situations in the future.

Sewage Cleanup & Removal

Why choose us?

  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Take immediate action decrease damage/health risks
  • Removal & disposal of contaminated items
  • Thorough sanitization of entire affected area
Besides sewage spills being unpleasant, messy and structurally harmful, they are also hazardous to your health. All raw sewage is contaminated with microbes, including bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses. These microbes can cause serious illness to humans if not removed quickly and efficiently. If sewage starts to leak inside your home or business, you should call in an expert immediately. At CRI we offer a safe and comprehensive sewage restoration process to restore your home to its previous condition. Our 6 step process uses professional techniques and equipment to handle raw sewage extraction, cleanup and repairs.

Offering 24-hour emergency service, our team of professionals will arrive at your home with proper personal protection equipment and inspect the scope of sewage contamination. We will formulate a proper plan to ensure the restoration is completed in a safe, timely and cost efficient manner. Next, we will separate the affected area to prevent cross-contamination into other areas of your property and home. All affected furnishings will be removed determining which items are salvageable. We will clean and restore all recoverable items and properly dispose of all hazardous materials. Our top of the line extraction equipment will be used to remove and dispose of the sewage, contaminants and water to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Following the strict set of standards for care of black water, our team will remove contaminated building materials such as carpet, carpet pads, tack strips, drywall, flooring materials and insulation. Once removed, the next step in the process is to clean the affected areas using a high temperature, low pressure, steam cleaning process called bio-washing. Using dehumidifiers and portable fans we will dry the area as fast as possible to avoid further water damage. Only once your home is restored to your pre-accident condition, we will do a final walk through inspection to ensure all contamination has been removed permanently. Upon owners request, we are available to do E.coli testing to confirm proper decontamination and clean up.

Mold Removal & Remediation

Why choose us?

  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Air quality testing
  • Removal of mold from Hardwood Floors
  • Black mold experts
  • Trustworthy, Responsive, & Professional
Not only is mold an unattractive sight and smell, it can also pose health and safety risks to you and your family. Mold is a common cause of respiratory issues, and can cause other related symptoms such as headaches, allergies, and skin rash. In the most severe cases- like we see with black mold-issues can include asthma, neurological changes, internal bleeding, and eye inflammation. Because of the serious health risks associated with mold growth, it is important to address water damage and mold immediately and completely. If not dealt with properly, mold will continue to grow and create more damage to your home and well being. Although mold is not always visible to the human eye, some warning signs of mold growth that you can look for in your home include musty odors, water leaks, allergies, water stains, peeling paint and warped wood. If mold is at all a concern, Certified Restoration has a 24hr emergency response line to get you help when you need it most, day or night.

Certified Restoration’s advanced mold remediation allows our technicians to detect, isolate, and remediate the source of mold growth quickly. Our mold removal and remediation process is non-toxic, efficient, and cost-effective. First and foremost, our team of professionals will quickly alleviate the growing mold problem by performing a visual mold inspection and identifying any areas of elevated moisture and microbial growth. To avoid cross contamination and mold spores from spreading throughout your home, we will identify any potential sources of water leaks that could be the source of the problem. We will provide a proposal and cost estimate of our mold remediation plan, giving you options that meet your needs and budget.

Although some items in your home may be identified as non-salvageable, we have expert techniques in removing mold from challenging places including walls, carpet and hardwood floors. We use wire brush wood framing to remove all hyphae (mold roots) and perform a final wipe down with an EPA approved antimicrobial solution. Once all potential mold is removed, we will test the air quality both inside and out of the affected areas to ensure that mold remediation is complete. Lastly, we will reconstruct all areas that were damaged by mold or disturbed during our remediation process such as holes or damage to the walls, floor and cabinets. As mold can be life threatening, you can rest assured that our team of experts are here to help with all types of mold including black mold.

Fire & Smoke Cleanup

Why choose us?

  • In-home response anytime
  • Soot removal from carpets, walls, and furniture
  • Deodorize & restore valuables
  • Restoration of fire-induced water damage
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
Whether the fire is isolated to one area or a full house fire, we know the devastation can be unimaginable. The aftermath of smoke and fire damage can be dangerous and pose a great risk to your family’s health and safety. From start to finish, we are meticulous in creating a full service approach to clean and restore every surface of your home. With 24 hour emergency service, our top priority is to reduce the extent of harm to your family and property in the wake of a fire.

Once the immediate fire has passed and emergency personnel have left your property, it may seem all danger is gone and that it is safe to enter your home. Before re-entry to your property, a fire marshal must confirm that the property is safe as handling electrical wiring, and cleaning ash and soot residue are harmful to your health and safety. Our first step in the restoration process will be to thoroughly inspect all damaged property looking for ash, foul odors and water damage. Once assessed, we will work with you directly to agree upon a clear and affordable plan before moving forward with the restoration process.

The cleanup process will begin with removing soot from carpets, walls, furniture and all other damaged items. In an effort to minimize costs, we focus our attention on determining which items can be restored rather than replaced. We will create an itemized list of inventory and loss while simultaneously working directly with your insurance company so you can stress less. That means we save you countless hours on the phone and will even bill your insurance company directly. Using our professional grade deodorizing system, our team will permanently remove the stubborn odor of smoke from your home. Lastly, we repair and reconstruct anything that was damaged in the fire making your home even better than new.