Hidden water leaks can lead to extensive damage to homes. It’s important to understand the sign of hidden water leaks so you can remedy the problem before flood damage becomes worse.

Let’s take a look at eight signs that you have water leaking behind walls, above ceilings or under floors to give you a glimpse of trouble ahead. By recognizing these warning signs, you can help keep your family safe or your business running smoothly and without costly interruptions for repairs.


Strong, unpleasant odors often mark hidden water leaks. Pools of hidden water from leaking pipes usually provide a growth environment for mold and bacteria, which produce an earthy, musty smell that is hard to eliminate with sprays and candles.


Visible signs of water damage from hidden leaks may disguise themselves as dirty or moldy walls, peeling paint, or unexplained stains on ceiling tiles or drywall. Actual mold appearing on baseboards, in corners and along the walls also hints at water leaks beneath the surface.

Sagging Ceilings

Ceiling drywall can absorb a lot of water, but it loses its structural integrity and will sag. The same is true for foam tiles in dropped ceilings, which will saturate and buckle.

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Warped Wood Floors

A hidden leak beneath a floor can move upward by capillary action, soaking and warping the wood or wood laminate.

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Soggy Carpets

Squishy carpets or suddenly soft carpet pads can indicate water that has traveled down walls and across a floor.

Loosening Floor Tiles

Vinyl and linoleum tiles can become dislodged when high humidity from a hidden leak affects the glue or warps the

Sudden Temperature Changes

Leaking water can absorb a lot of heat. If family members or employees complain they cannot keep warm, or your interior space becomes difficult to heat, a hidden leak may be the cause.

Rising Water Bills

A hidden leak can allow hundreds of gallons of water to flow unnoticed. Your first indicator could be a sharply higher water bill.

Eight Signs, One Remedy: Certified Restoration

A plumber can trace and solve a hidden water leak, but is not able to replace drywall or furnishings. You need water damage restoration experts to remove the drywall, soaked carpets, ruined ceilings and other interior furnishings so your family or employees can live and work in an environment free from the risks of mold, mildew and high humidity.

Certified Restoration can help you recover from hidden water leaks. We can arrive within the hour, salvage what is good, remove what is not and rid your home or office of water. Contact Certified Restoration today to feel drier and safer tonight.