San Diego homeowners faced with flood damage for the first time may have no idea what to expect or where to turn. Don’t worry, you can go from knowing nothing to being knowledgeable with these eight basic ideas.

1. Flood Insurance

You only can get flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). You can get insurance against water damage from just about any insurer. Mother Nature sends a storm surge through your living room? You needed NFIP. Your washer hose breaks? Your homeowners insurance should cover at least part of your water damage restoration costs.

2. Not all water is the same

Professionals like Certified Restoration need to know the type of water damage your experiencing in your home:

  1. Clean water, like the water line going into your dishwasher; this water carries no contaminants.
  2. Gray water, such as drain water from a shower or clothes washer; this water could have bacteria and contaminants in it.
  3. Black water, from a backed up sewer, a flood, an overflowing toilet or storm deluge; this is highly polluted, dangerous water.

3. Water damage insurance, take two

When sudden water damage overwhelms your home, your insurance company will most likely be there to help with the costs associated with water damage. When you ignored a broken sump pump, your water damage insurance carrier will more than likely leave that to you.

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4. Mold is Everywhere

Mold spores travel by air. They settle and propagate in warm, moist spots. So when you face water damage, the clock is ticking on remediating the problem, because mold damage will likely develop in your residence.

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5. Uncover it All

Though you soaked up the water on top of a carpet; you cannot assume you got all the water. Water can damage wood floors underneath your carpet. Uncover everything to seek out and soak up all the water and begin water damage repair work. This also helps with your insurance claim.

6. Water damage insurance, take three

As soon as you discover water damage, contact your insurer. This starts the claims process and can connect you with expert water damage restoration companies like Certified Restoration.

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7. Close it Up

Avoid opening up the entire house in an attempt to disperse humidity. Rely instead on your HVAC system to dehumidify.

8. Be Patient

Avoid panic and promote patience. Ensure you have found all the water, removed all destroyed property and eradicated all mold and mildew before beginning water damage restoration.

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