(SAN DIEGO,  Aug. 18, 2022)  – Certified Restoration Inc., a San Diego-based company specializing in mold, fire, and water damage restoration, has announced it will offer Alert Labs’ leak and flood prevention technology. Designed to detect and prevent major water incidents before they occur, Alert Labs products have prevented millions of dollars in asset damage since their launch.

Damage caused by water leaks results in $10 billion/year in property losses, according to The American Insurance Association. With climate change, water damage and the associated costs are on the rise. Certified Restoration owner Michael Fahouris wants to help building owners avoid these increasing costs. “Restoring 10,000s of damaged properties has shown us just how expensive water damage events can be, and we’ve seen how effective Alert Labs’ products are in preventing these kinds of scenarios”.

Alert Labs’ smart sensors protect high-value assets in commercial, multi-residential, medical, government and educational buildings. The manager of a multi-story residential tower in San Diego claims  “Since installing the Alert Labs products 6 months ago, we have caught over 10 potentially disastrous leaks, and have already recouped the cost of our investment.”

Alert Labs’ line of leak detection technology features flood, water flow, and humidity sensors as well as an automatic water shut-off valve. These devices monitor building environments and send alerts to the user’s phone or computer for leaks, unusual water usage, abnormal temperature, and humidity. Real-time alerts allow property managers and building engineers to take fast action before small events become costly issues.

Within 3 seconds of detecting water, Alert Labs’ flood sensor sends alerts to users’ devices via a cellular connection. With customizable hot and cold thresholds for temperature alerts, the flood sensor minimizes damage from temperature changes as it guards against water damage.

Alert Labs’ cellular-based water flow sensors strap onto water meters. Using artificial intelligence, the sensors map out each building’s unique water usage patterns and send alerts about unusual water usage. The automatic water shut-off valve works in conjunction with the water flow sensors and can automatically or remotely stop water flow before a larger issue may occur.

Alert Labs’ products can be installed in less than one day. The process requires no tools, pipe cutting, wifi, or wired networks. Jordan Edl, Alert Labs’ Senior Director of Business Development, says “We are proud to have Certified Restoration as a partner to sell and install the full range of AlertAQ products in Southern California.”

About Certified Restoration

Certified Restoration has been helping commercial and residential property owners throughout San Diego remediate damage caused by fire, water, and mold for over 28 years. Their one-hour emergency response and expertly trained technicians, have made them San Diego’s leading choice in emergency restoration with

About Alert Labs

Alert Labs was founded in 2015 and provides award-winning water intelligence and HVAC monitoring solutions with their technologies proudly manufactured and designed in North America.

George Fahouris