Flood Repair

By Eve Kelly, Feb. 3, 2010

Water roared down our street, pooled up around the clogged street drain, and began to overflow into our neighbor’s front yard. By the time Patrick unclogged the drain — two plastic “No Parking” signs were the culprits — the water was inches from their living room.

My friend Bernice’s bedroom was flooded, the carpet got soaked, and the wall were damp. Water sat in my backyard in mini ponds, some six inches deep. Water, water everywhere! What to do? A call went out to Michael Fahouris, owner of Certified Restoration.

“We do emergency water removal, and we do structural dry-down,” Fahouris explained. “Emergency water removal could be water in somebody’s backyard, or it could be in their garage. Last night we went out and did a carport. The carport was filling up, and if we didn’t get to it in time, it would have affected four condos. We have a submersible pump, so with standing water that is over a quarter of an inch deep we put on the pump and it will drain the water down to a quarter of an inch. Once we take away the bulk of the water that way, then we use a hard-surface tool like a squeegee and squeegee it into a vacuum.”

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