With recent hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, ravaging their way through our southern states, many ask themselves if they would be ready to face the damage from a hurricane or other natural disaster. Although flood damage restoration after a hurricane might not be part of our disaster preparedness in San Diego, would you know what to do while you wait for flood damage restoration to begin on your home?

Safety First – Natural Disasters & Water Damage Restoration

First and foremost is that you must protect yourself. Your belongings are replaceable, but you and your family are not. Do not do anything that may put you in harm’s way – you’ve been through enough.

Safety Tips After a Natural Disaster Hits Home
    • All power lines should be treated as live

Take note of your surroundings and know where the power lines are so you can avoid coming into contact with them.

    • Don’t do anything you don’t have knowledge or expertise in and/or don’t feel comfortable doing

The aftermath of a natural disaster is the absolute wrong time to take a stab at electrical work or to learn how to use a power tool; leave it to the professionals.

    • Always be aware of surroundings and look out for hazardous items in and around your home

Remember, your home is likely in a fragile state – windows and doors could fall, you might find loose lumber and nails, or broken glass.

    • Wear protective gear

Sturdy shoes, heavy gloves and other protective gear should be worn at all times when you start damage restoration after a hurricane or other natural disaster.

Water Damage Restoration after Hurricane

Keep Your Home Safe From Further Damage

Chances are, depending on the magnitude of the natural disaster, you wont be able to get back into your home for a period of time after the hurricane or natural disaster. However, as soon as you are able, contact your insurance agent – there will be a lot of claims filed in the coming weeks and you want to minimize your wait time as much as possible. Here are a few more ways you can protect your home after a natural disaster while you wait for your water damage restoration company:

Tips to Prevent Further Damage to Your Property
  • Seal any broken windows or doors and use a tarp or like material to cover your roof to prevent more water from coming into your home.
  • If you can safely do so, take pictures and video before you start the cleanup and restoration process – this will help for insurance coverage.
  • If power has been restored, a wet/dry vacuum will be the most effective tool in drying out the inside of your property.
  • If power is still down, mop out as much water as you can and remove all carpeting – moisture is a breeding ground for mold
  • Secure doors and windows however you can to prevent being targeted for theft – unfortunately, some use this time to take advantage of those affected by natural disasters

A good time to know what is in your insurance policy is before a disaster hits; talk to your insurance agent to know what is covered by your insurance. Make sure to check out our general guidelines to insurance coverage.


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