It’s no secret; mold is everywhere. It can be helpful – for example – in penicillin and cheese – but it can also be deadly. There are many areas inside of a home that can easily harbor mold if you’re not careful. Making sure the conditions in your home do not promote mold growth is important and can save you and your family from struggling with serious health problems.


Intruding Water

The easiest and fastest way mold can growth in your home is pretty obvious. Any kind of water intrusion, especially when it goes unnoticed, can create a mold growth problem within 24-48 hours. Rainwater can enter your home through cracks in roofs, walls, windows, and any other place that needs sealing from the outside. Groundwater or flooding can intrude when foundation drainage is not up to par. Be sure to check potential problem areas around your home as often as possible to prevent unwanted water damage and serious mold growth. In places like basements and attics, where ventilation is minimal and the area is not heavily trafficked, water leakage can cause serious and expensive damage to your home.  Maintain your living quarters well to prevent mold growth.



Depending on ventilation, humidity can rise and fall within your house quickly with the weather, cooking, and taking showers. The Definition of relative humidity is the measure of water vapor in the air in relation to the temperature. When humidity rises, furnishings and materials tend to become damp and are a breeding ground for mold growth. During summertime, when humid weather tends to commonly occur, air conditioning can quickly de-humidify an indoor space. In contrast, when it’s cold, water vapor condenses on those same surfaces and can cause mold. Make sure your walls have insulation to prevent condensation build up in your home during these conditions.


Mold growth can pop up in places you rarely see and can cause costly damage in your home.  Make sure to properly ventilate areas that are subject to moisture, whether it is with fans or open windows. Don’t forget to turn on the fan above the stove while cooking – steam also causes moisture in the kitchen, which can lead to mold growth!



In the event of any water or mold removal emergency, Certified Restoration will always be there to help. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us a call and we’ll help get you back on track.