Various weather sources are warning that the coming winter will be the largest El Nino in recent history, bringing California some much-needed cold weather and rainfall. While this is good news for our state’s drought situation, heavier rainfall, especially in a state not used to large amounts of precipitation, can be a bit dangerous for those not prepared. Here are a few tips to make sure you are prepared to stave off the cold.

Buy a plug-in space heater early

When cold weather hits, these heaters sell out almost immediately in stores. Avoid the scarcity by buying one in advance. The same can be said for other rain-essentials such as waterproof umbrellas, boots and clothing, but these items are less likely to sell out than space heaters.

Clear your gutters

Ensuring your gutters are clear before a rainy season is important. A clogged gutter can lead to a backup of water that can cause serious damage to your home. Going through and cleaning them out before the El Nino hits can be an essential step in preventing this.

Set up a water capture system

The El Nino will bring some relief to the state’s current water crisis, it is not expected to be a drought-buster. Setting up a water capture system and saving some of the rainfall to water your lawn or gardens with once the weather has heated up once more is a great way to conserve resources.

Keep emergency supplies handy

When The El Nino gets heavy, power outageemergency-kits are to be expected. Make sure your home is stocked with flashlights, candles, and other supplies to avoid a trip to a crowded supermarket in the rain and traffic. Portable generators are a huge help in times like these, but keep in mind they
produce carbon monoxide gas, which is odorless and deadly, and should never be run indoors. Always ensure that portable generators are used outdoors.

Have a backup phone charger

When dealing with power outages, cell phones can easily become one’s only source of communication. Power packs and hand-cranked chargers are excellent ways to ensure your phone stays alive until the power comes back on. Car chargers can also be used to keep your phone juiced up. When in an emergency situation, mobile networks may become heavy with traffic. It is recommended that you try to contact those you can via text message rather than a phone call, as it is a much more reliable way to make sure you get through to them.

After a dry period as large as we’ve had, an El Nino should be a breath of fresh air. Make sure you are properly prepared for the sudden shift in weather conditions with the resources Certified Restoration has available. If you have any questions, or run into a water emergency this winter, give us a call!