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    Learn tips for keeping your home or property protected from water, fire, mold, and other damage.

    Business Continuity and Disaster Management Planning

    When your business is hit with a flood or other disaster, will you be prepared? If you’re not ready, you stand to lose a lot of money–possibly even the entire business. Save yourself a lot of money and headaches by having a plan for managing a disaster and keeping your business up and running.

    Campaign for Project Mexico was a Success!

    We announced in late October that throughout the month of November, we would donate $1 for every "like" or "+1" that we received on our Facebook and Google+ pages to Project Mexico. We are excited to say that we raised $250!

    Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

    If those are the extent of our holiday setbacks, we’re fortunate, because there are plenty of unforeseen things that can cause expensive and sometimes dangerous problems. Here are some home safety tips to keep you protected and sane.

    Reader Article About Certified Restoration

    By Eve Kelly, Feb. 3, 2010. Water roared down our street, pooled up around the clogged street drain, and began to overflow into our neighbor’s front yard. By the time Patrick unclogged the drain — two plastic "No Parking" signs were the culprits — the water was inches from their living room.

    How to Handle Mold Removal in Your Home

    Why be concerned? Mold can ruin just about anything it grows on and can be dangerous to your health—mold produces allergens, irritants and sometimes, potentially toxic elements. Contact can trigger all kinds of reactions, from allergic responses to asthma attacks.

    Renters Insurance: Why Do I Need It?

    If you rent, you may not think you need renters insurance. Maybe you don’t feel you own anything of much value, or you may believe that your property management company or landlord will cover any damages. But what about things like clothes, toiletries and food? These smaller items can add up. Renters insurance is important.