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El Cajon Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup

When the unimaginable occurs, the experts at Certified Restoration are prepared to assist with residential services, such as fire damage restoration, water extraction, mold remediation services, water damage removal, and more. If your home was affected by water or fire damage and is located within the El Cajon, CA area, don’t hesitate to contact Certified Restoration. Our clients consist of homeowners, businesses, insurance companies, and management companies, to name a few. The technicians behind Certified Restoration are local to East County, and IICRC is certified for the most efficient response to water and fire damage. Plus, Certified Restoration manages communication with your insurance companies in-house for a more direct approach to water and fire damage situations.

Certified Restoration has been a family-owned and operated restoration company based in San Diego for the past 25 years. Our team is fully bonded, licensed, and insured, with an A+ BBB rating you can trust. These accolades are just one aspect of what makes Certified Restoration such a reputable restoration company in East County.

Fire Damage Restoration

When your home has been affected by fire and smoke damage, it’s essential to reach out to a restoration company as soon as possible. Certified Restoration’s team of expertly trained technicians is available 24/7 to put your needs first with an adequate response time. We have built our reputation over years of providing excellent customer service, high-quality fire, and smoke restoration services, as well as operating in a cost-effective manner throughout a variety of situations. The trucks at Certified Restoration are even equipped for fire damage restoration in an effort to remove a variety of smoke, such as dry smoke, protein-based smoke, and wet smoke. This enables the experts at Certified Restoration to decontaminate fire toxins, dispose of hazardous materials, and repair and replace structural components. We work with your insurance company directly in order to file your claim correctly from the beginning. This offers peace of mind you’d be hard-pressed to find within the world of restoration companies.

Water Damage Restoration

Homeowners often need qualified water damage repair company services once their home is affected by water damage. By working with a local company, such as Certified Restoration, homeowners ensure their claim is handled in a timely manner, with the correct equipment for the best restoration experience possible. Because water damage must be dried out to avoid mold growth or structural damage, Certified Restoration is ready to take your call. Our experts utilize the best quality drying equipment, as well as the latest techniques to remove water damage from your property in an effective manner. Doing so minimizes the damage from tearing down walls, cabinets, and more.

Mold Remediation & Removal

Mold growth poses a severe health hazard to homeowners and restoration experts alike. Specific individuals may experience bouts of asthma and allergic reactions when exposed to mold due to the airborne nature of mold spores. As such, our technicians are well-versed in wearing appropriate gear for the highest level of exposure prevention possible. At Certified Restoration, we also require our technicians to use Negative-Air machines (exhaust fans) to vent contaminated air away from affected areas throughout your residential or commercial space and the outdoors. This involves setting up a contamination area in order to prevent mold from spreading throughout. Certified Restoration is appropriately licensed and certified in mold remediation, covered by pollution liability insurance.

Your Safety is Our Priority

At Certified Restoration, your overall health and safety are of vital importance. For this reason, when we visit your home to assess the damage, we make disposal and removal suggestions along the way. In doing so, we consider the type of water damage to make the best recommendations possible. We also utilize specialized cleaning materials (featuring antimicrobial agents) to restore damaged areas to original conditions properly. This practice enables us to establish clear lines of communication from the beginning of the process. We will also alert you before any of your property or possessions are discarded.

Our goal is to restore your property to its original state or better. For example, when various items are in need of replacement, such as insulation or drywall, Certified Restoration’s experts will speak with you after a determination has been made. In the case of water damage, we will vigilantly check for mold growth to prevent further damage in a moist environment. Our team will discuss and offer the most applicable preventative methods to suit your needs if any mold is discovered throughout the process

Managing Insurance Claims

Regardless of where you live, unexpected flood damage can turn your life upside down - El Cajon-based properties are no exception. Working alongside your insurance company throughout the process is the icing on the cake, especially if they begin attempting to avoid paying for Restoration and repairs. While a situation may arise that does not call for your insurance company to cover repairs, most instances are up for debate. As such, we strive to handle insurance claims on your behalf to ensure repairs are completed and paid for on time.

Need Help Immediately?

Call us 24/7: 619-234-2500

Need Help Immediately?

Call us 24/7: 619-234-2500