Licensed, Insured & IICRC Certified in San Diego for over 20 years.

    Water & Flood Damage Restoration

    24/7 water & flood damage restoration in San Diego, La Mesa, Downtown, North County, El Cajon, & surrounding areas.

    Have a Leak or Flood? We’ll Handle It

    • Emergency response available 24/7
    • It’s our policy to be there within the hour
    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
    • We’ll work with your insurance
    • IICRC certified & fully licensed and insured

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    We'll Handle Insurance

    We work directly with your insurance, so you don't have to deal with the paperwork.
    • Farmers Insurance Accepted
    • Allstate Insurance Accepted
    • Liberty Mutual Insurance Accepted
    • State Farm Insurance Accepted
    • Travelers Insurance Accepted
    • Safe Co Insurance Accepted
    • Hartford Insurance Accepted
    • Chubb Insurance Accepted
    • Ameriprise Insurance Accepted

    Proudly Serving San Diego County

    We take pride in what we do. Certified Restoration will always be transparent with its customers and make sure we keep our clients informed of their options throughout the entire restoration process. We will never make more work than is necessary which helps keep your costs low.

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    What Sets CRI Apart From the Competition

    Updated Technology

    Certified Restoration’s fully equipped vehicles enable our team to begin working on water damage in your home right away.

    FREE Certificate of Completion

    When we work on your home we include a Certificate of Completion upon approval stating that your home is back to its pre-loss condition.

    Safety from Structural Damage

    If water damage is not handled properly and quickly, it can cause severe structural damage to your property, and potentially cost thousands of dollars to repair. The team at Certified Restoration works with you 24/7 to address water-related emergencies from start to finish, and mitigate structural issues related to water damage.

    Safety from Health Threats

    Serious water damage can turn into mold within the first 24 hours of contact. Mold can pose threats to you and your family’s health if not remediated properly. Certified Restoration has the certifications and tools to remediate mold safely and efficiently.

    Care for Your Personal Belongings

    Our technicians have the equipment and experience to dry out any objects that have been affected by water damage and do their best to act quickly to save as much as possible in the restoration process.

    Daily Service Calls

    During the restoration process, our technicians conduct daily service calls to your home to take moisture readings of the affected area, check that all equipment is working properly and make adjustments as necessary to ensure your home is restored as quickly as possible.

    Protecting Your Valuables From Start to Finish

    Our main focus is to make sure you feel protected. Before beginning the restoration process, we ask what is of most value to you in the affected area, and remove it or restore it to the best of our ability. We also contain the affected area before we begin working to ensure dust does not enter any other part of your home and interrupt your daily routine.

    Future Flood Prevention

    Upon restoring your home after water damage, our certified water damage restoration specialists will assess potential future problem areas and educate you on how to prevent another flood from damaging your home.

    24-Hour Emergency Service

    We know that disasters always strike at the most inconvenient times. That’s why we offer 24-Hour Emergency Service to be there for you day or night.

    Our Proven Water Damage Restoration Process


    We start by using an infrared camera to find any hidden moisture that may have been missed with the naked eye.


    We extract as much standing water in the affected area as we can.


    We evaluate the affected water damaged area and remove all non-salvageable building materials.


    We contain the area where moisture is present and where mold has been detected to allow our equipment to work more efficiently.


    CRI uses detailed HEPA vacuums with filtering systems to clean work area.


    We set up the latest technology in drying to efficiently dry the structure and minimize the number of days our equipment needs to run on your property.


    At project completion, CRI presents homeowners with a detailed Certificate of Completion to be kept on file for home resale or insurance needs.

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