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    Sewage Cleanup & Removal

    24/7 sewage cleanup and removal in San Diego, La Mesa, Downtown, North County, El Cajon, and surrounding areas.

    Sewage Backup?

    • 24-hour emergency service
    • Take immediate action to decrease damage & heath risks
    • Removal & disposal of contaminated items
    • Thorough sanitization of entire affected area
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    Safe, Comprehensive Sewage Restoration Process


    Contain & Prevent Cross-Contamination
    Identify and contain the affected area to prevent cross-contamination into other areas of the home or property.


    Disposal of Sewage
    Remove and properly dispose of the sewage, contaminants and water using specialty extraction equipment to prevent the spread of bacteria through the home.


    Remove Contaminants
    Follow the standards of care for black water and remove contaminated building materials such as carpet and pad, tack strips, drywall, flooring materials, and insulation.


    Clean & Deodorize
    Thoroughly decontaminate and clean the affected areas using a high temperature, low pressure, steam cleaning process (bio-washing).


    Set up drying system to dry structure quickly.


    Final Inspection
    Conduct a final inspection to ensure all contamination has been removed permanently. (Upon owners request, we can do E. coli testing to confirm proper decontamination and clean up.)

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    “Michael and his crews have serviced my home and rental property since 1995. Every detail is attended to and the results are always top-notch — no second-guessing or return trips to ”get it right”. Superior service from people who actually want to do a good job for you. I recommend Michael to my friends and they would not be happy with me if they were not happy with Michael. Enough said.”

    Jerry Fosgate, Pacific Beach, CA
    water damage san diego

    Besides being an unpleasant, messy, and structurally harmful, sewage damage is a health hazard. Leave sewage cleanup to our team of specially trained technicians.

    Certified Restoration is IICRC certified and are trained to take care of raw sewage extraction, cleanup and repairs using techniques and equipment that meet stringent standards.

    24-Hour Emergency Service

    Sewage can be one of the most damaging and potentially harmful types of water damage.

    If not taken care of immediately, this type of water damage can not only affect your home but also drastically affect your family’s health.

    Health Risks of Sewage Water Damage

    Sewage water damage causes micro-organic contamination that seeps into structures and spreads through the air, posing serious health risks.

    If you suspect that sewage water has entered your home, immediate mitigation is essential to remove the hazardous mess sewage water damage can cause.

    Types of Contaminated Water

    Category 1: Clean Water
    Clean water typically originates from a source that does not pose considerable herm to humans, such as:

    • Burst pipes
    • Appliance malfunctions
    • Tub or sink overflows
    • Roof leaks
    • Melting snow/rainfall
    • Broken toilet tanks

    Category 2: Gray Water
    Gray water is contaminated to some degree due to its source. If a Category 2 flood is not treated right away, it will become Category 3 water in less than 48 hours. Some sources that produce gray water are:

    • Toilets
    • Washing machines
    • Dishwashers
    • Sump-pump failures
    • Broken aquariums

    Category 3: Black Water
    Black water is the most hazardous of the three categories of water damage because it includes toxic materials such as bacteria, chemicals, pesticides, and more. Category 3 water damage can come from:

    • Any type of sewage
    • Toilet back flows
    • Rising water from rivers or streams
    • Ground surface water

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