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Disaster Management Planning

Backyard BBQ Safety Tips

After winter, good weather means getting outside and gathering with friends and family for a backyard BBQ. Before you fire up the grill, consider safety. In 2007, 18,700 people went to an emergency room with injuries linked to grills, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Here are some simple guidelines to ensure BBQ safety:

Disaster Management Planning: Keeping Your Business Running

When your business is hit with a flood or other disaster, will you be prepared? If you’re not ready, you stand to lose a lot of money–possibly even the entire business. Save yourself a lot of money and headaches by having a plan for managing a disaster and keeping your business up and running.

Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

If those are the extent of our holiday setbacks, we’re fortunate, because there are plenty of unforeseen things that can cause expensive and sometimes dangerous problems. Here are some home safety tips to keep you protected and sane.