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Proven Water Damage Restoration Process


Upon entering the home, we use an infrared camera to find any hidden moisture and call in more technicians depending on the size of the job.


Extract a large amount of water present in the affected area.


Remove all non-salvageable building materials.


Set containments as necessary to contain all areas moisture is present and keep dust to area our technicians are working in. This also allows our equipment to work better because the air space in the affected area is smaller.


Use detailed HEPA vacuum with filtering system to clean work area.


Set up drying system with new technology to efficiently dry structure and minimize number of days our equipment is on property.


Upon final payment, CRI presents homeowners with a detailed Certificate of Completion to be kept on file of home upon resale of property

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“Whenever I have water damage at one of my properties I immediately call Certified Restoration. They are quick to respond and know how to get the job done efficiently. A property manager’s “dream” vendor. I highly recommend them.”

Maria Stokes, San Diego, CA
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Water damage is not an easy problem to fix, and water damage restoration takes a little more than some sponges and elbow grease. Certified Restoration wants to make sure you’ve got a solid grasp of this very serious problem.

The Numbers

You might think that water damage is something that only happens when it rains buckets or when a hurricane floods the streets. There’s a lot more to that category, and it happens a lot more often than you’d think.

Some 14,000 people experience some incident of water damage every day, whether at work or at home. Those incidents add up to more than $2.5 billion in insurance claims over the course of a year. More than a third of U.S. homeowners file insurance claims for water damage, with the average claim being around $7,000.

Degrees of Danger

Water damage causes fall into three general categories. Clean water incidents are ones where something minor but basically harmless occurs, such as sink overflows or faucet failures. 

Gray water incidents carry a minor risk of injury or contamination, such as the drainage for a washing machine or dishwasher rupturing. 

Black water incidents are ones that pose significant and distinct risks of injury or contamination. Such incidents would include sewer lines rupturing or massive floodwaters inundating the home.

Cleaning Up and Fixing Up

A good deal of water damage restoration lies in replacing damaged sections of walls, floors, ceilings and roofs. This is often expensive and time consuming, particularly when coupled with secondary activities such as mold remediation and replacement plumbing. 

There are, however, small things that most homeowners can do to keep an eye on things and stop minor problems before they devolve into bigger ones. 

Moisture damage on walls and floors is usually pretty obvious as the water tends to leave a rust-like stain on white surfaces, so if you’re seeing them, you may have a leak somewhere. Patching minor leaks, particularly around joints, will help strengthen the plumbing and also save money on water bills. Make sure you can easily get to the manual shutoff valves for water lines to help minimize damage in case of unexpected and catastrophic incidents.

Certified Restoration

When unforeseen water damage incidents occur, contact Certified Restoration to help get your home back together or repair your place of business. Our experienced and skilled technicians will have your home or office in tip-top shape as quickly as possible, so you can enjoy your home and keep your business running smoothly.

Updated Technology

Certified Restoration’s fully equipped vehicles enable our team to begin working on water damage in your home right away.

FREE Certificate of Completion

When we work on your home we include a Certificate of Completion upon approval stating that your home is back to its pre-loss condition.

Safety From Water Damage Dangers

Structural – Water damage can cause serious damage to any area of your home. If flood damage is not taken care of in a proper manner, structural areas of the home, carpet, and inside walls can be completely ruined, potentially costing thousands of dollars. Certified Restoration will get you back on your feet.

Health – When water damage is not properly taken care of, it can quickly turn into mold within the first 24 hours. Mold remediation can not only becoming costly, but also can be extremely time-consuming and dangerous to you and your family’s health. Certified Restoration has the experience and certifications to take care of any mold quickly and safely, protecting you and your family from any mold-related health problems.

Personal Belongings – Flood damage can also seriously damage any personal belongings it comes in contact with in the event of a flood. Certified Restoration’s water damage technicians have the necessary equipment to dry out any furniture or objects that may have been affected, and we promise to save as much as we possibly can.

Daily Service Calls

During the restoration process, our technicians conduct daily service calls to your home to take moisture readings of the affected area, check that all equipment is working properly and make adjustments as necessary to ensure your home is restored as quickly as possible.

Protecting Your Valuables From Start to Finish

Our main focus is to make sure you feel protected. Before beginning the restoration process, we ask what is of most value to you in the affected area, and remove it or restore it to the best of our ability. We also contain the affected area before we begin working to ensure dust does not enter any other part of your home and interrupt your daily routine.

Future Flood Prevention

Upon restoring your home after water damage, our certified water damage restoration specialists will assess potential future problem areas and educate you on how to prevent another flood from damaging your home.

24-Hour Emergency Service

We know that disasters always strike at the most inconvenient times. That’s why we offer 24-Hour Emergency Service to be there for you at the most desperate of times.

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