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After home fire checklist to prevent mold from water damage

Water & Fire Damage Checklist for Homes

Living in San Diego, the threat of fire is a real concern for property owners. We have wildfires that rip through the county and if a fire reached your home the result could be devastating. One thing most people probably don’t think about when they have fire damage to their home is the water damage that comes with it. Sure, the fire department saved your home, but in the process they doused your house with hundreds of gallons of water per minute. That water saturates your home and turns it into a live breeding ground for mold.


Clean Up

Fire and water restoration professionals should take on this job as they are familiar with operating in these environments where soot and water left behind could contain materials that are hazardous to your health. Home restoration professionals will be able to ensure that you can return home with some peace of mind. What is the process of cleaning up when handled by a professional?


A professional should:

  • Scrub down of affected area to remove soot and ash
  • Survey valuables to triage what is salvageable and what can’t be rescued
    • Destroyed items can continue to ferment mold and bacteria growth even after it’s been dried
  • Industrial strength pumps to remove any standing water
  • Dry your home
    • Process takes several days and should be monitored by restoration company with moisture meters
  • Cut the threat of future mold flare ups with fungicides and other cleaning solutions



An insurance agent should be contacted right away for your immediate needs; these would include: pumping the standing water out of your home, materials to cover your windows and doors (if they were broken in the process of fighting the fire), and to square away who will be paying for what.


Where to Start?

There are many people that need to be contacted and steps to take before restoration gets going. Here is a quick checklist to make your home restoration run more smoothly.


After Home Fire Checklist to Prevent Mold & Water Damage